Best Mass Participation Event of the Year in Thailand

Best Mass Participation Event of the Year in Thailand (Running /Cycling only)

  • Entries are accepted from private or public entities which have directly organized or being part of the delivery of the event which would commonly be described as a “Mass Participation Event” related to running and/or cycling in Thailand.
  • Entry must relate to a Mass Participation Event staged during the SPIA Asia eligibility period with a minimum of 500 participants (Fun Runs /Character Runs/themed Runs are eligible).
  • Must offer a youth and /or adult category; offer an amateur and professional (Prize money) category; must have local and international participation; event must demonstrate sanctioning of a key government entity as well as permission/endorsement/ sanction from the Asia or International Federation
  • The Mass Participation Event must show data, statistics, analytics on spectator /participant numbers, social media engagement, media coverage and others.
  • The event must be clearly structured across registration, safety and security, marketing and PR, brand activation and others.
  • Demonstrate a key moment or achievement, significant to be considered as a Top 10 contender for SPIA Asia 2018