Best Sponsorship of Sport, Team or Event in Thailand

Best Sponsorship of Sport, Team or Event in Thailand ($250,000 and above)

  • Entries are accepted from private or public entities such as marketing agencies, brands, rights holders, and similar which have directly or indirectly invested /manage the investment in a sport, team, individual or event in Thailand during the SPIA Asia eligibility period.
  • The Investment must have been implemented and being active during the SPIA Asia eligibility period
  • Investment must have positively supported the sponsorship objectives based on financial support, marketing, brand engagement, promotion and/or sales with impact beyond the entities local market.
  • Sponsorship amount must be at least $ 250,000 in cash, only.
  • Judges will look for evidence of pre-set success objectives measured f.ex. through pre-and post-event brand awareness levels; positive attitudinal/behavioral changes among target audience f. ex. increase subscriber or client base; success of pre and post event marketing and media outreach strategies measured through media coverage, social media usage; impact of corporate hospitality and community engagement.