Entrants should read the following guidelines before submitting their entry

Submission Guidelines

Submission must be completed online via taking into consideration the mandatory fields and word limit provided per question.

To enter an award, please read and take note of the category criteria, descriptions, SPIA Asia FAQs as well as the tips/guide on submission below.

How to submit entry?  Entry submission must be done Online.

  • Visit
  • Go to the Awards tab,
  • Select “Submission” (dropdown)
  • Register an account
  • Start on your entry by filling-out the questionnaire
  • After reviewing your entry, tick on submit button

Please note: we do not accept an Offline submission 

The entry should show how you meet all the criteria stated in your chosen category. Category questionnaire is carefully designed to conform to the criteria, which is summarized into three major parts, such as:

  • The Structure– This refers to the basic framework of entry-subject. Eg. Organizational structure, nature of activity, vision, mission, objectives, resources and others. The structure has a score of 30 points.
  • The Process– This pertains to execution or implementation addressing the objectives set-forth. Examples are the strategies, techniques, management, quality assurance, maintenance etc. The process has a score of 40 points,
  • The Outcome– This refers to the results and impact of the activity and has a score of 30 points.

Some tips/guide on accomplishing the entry forms. Adopting the following WINNERS practices while filling out your online entry form can heavily influence your chances of winning.

  • Window to winning is always follow the guidelines. Following the set of guidelines will definitely avoid disqualification and put you forward to potential winners’ column.
  • Indicate sources of the data/results you are providing and describe the fundamental details associated with it. To generate a positive impression about you or your initiative, it is recommended that you use evidence coming from autonomous sources rather than your own. Give elaborate reasoning to compliment your data and try to validate it as much as possible, for example by the use of opinion poll results.
  • New and Unique Approach! The use of creative techniques to demonstrate your accomplishments is likely to impress the judges. This may involve merging two previous chunks of data or providing measurement techniques to evaluate multiple objectives.
  • No bloating. Keep your answers as genuine as possible. Not all elements are measurable easily. It is always favorable to explain and not enhance the successes.
  • Even the smallest of evidence can prove to be crucial. That is why it is important to provide some instead of nothing at all. Small evidences can be highlighted in other forms such as results, pictures, videos which will help enhance your overall answer.
  • Relate to your Goal and Objectives. Clearly indicate your objectives and give a detailed description of the tools you would use to gauge your progress. Additionally, use those measurements to demonstrate the effectiveness of those tools. Be descriptive but direct while giving an overview of your results. Statistical data helps.
  • Surely, brevity and visual appeal do matter. Brief and concise articulation of material facts and with particular reference to entry criteria and competitive advantage is most of the time appreciated by any readers or judges in this case. Supporting documents with graphs or images to go along with the data, results and information you are providing, will leave a pleasant impression on the judges.

Only fully completed entry forms will be accepted.

Upon submission, SPIA ASIA does not charge any entry fee. Only the Top 10 shortlisted entries selected by the judging panel shall pay the participation fee of USD 295.00 for each Asian Category submitted and shortlisted and USD 195.00 for each for Local/Thailand Category submitted and shortlisted; the participation fee in return grants you the SPIA Asia benefits as outlined below;

Please note, when entering the awards, there is no further commitment required like attendance in the conference or purchase of gala dinner seats. The participation in the conference and attendance at the gala is totally voluntary and not binding.

Invoice shall be issued only to entrant whose entry is shortlisted. Payment shall be made online via according to its schedule.

Benefits for shortlisted participants: SPIA ASIA extends one (1) Complimentary Gala Dinner Invitation and one (1) Conference Delegate Pass per Company/Brand to all Top 10 Entries per category worth USD 695.00.

In case of technical difficulties entrants are advised to save a version of their entry in word prior to submitting their entry and contact

Shortlisted entries shall be announced on 9 October 2018. To uphold utmost confidentiality, SPIA ASIA will not reveal the names of those companies which are not shortlisted.

All entrants which have shortlisted entries must have at least one representative at the awards ceremony to potentially collect their award. Bookings for additional seats and tables for all guests are also offered. The number of seats and tables are limited, and its booking shall be entertained on first-come, first-served basis.

All shortlisted entrants will be contacted to discuss their attendance and promotional options.

The full amount of booking fee must be paid on or before 26 October 2017. Cancellation of bookings is not allowed.

For general guidance, payment of entry fee for shortlist, seats and table bookings can only be done online via .